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Function diagnostics

Manual function diagnostics - Kiefergelenk

Only by the results of the manual function diagnostics the Kieferorthopäde can arrange therapy planning in such a way that the Kiefergelenke profits from the treatment of many years and damages are avoided.

With the manual function diagnostics the Kiefergelenkfunktionen can be examined fast and effectively with the help of a Screening test. If one considers that approx. 25% - 30% of the young people and approx. 70% of the adults a before-damaged Kiefergelenk exhibit, then this investigation is already alone essential for forensischen reasons. Particularly patients with cover bite (Kl. II 2) is of it frequently concerned. With patients with a partial or subtotalen Diskusvorverlagerung with Repositionsmöglichkeit in the first movement motion with still existing growth and Kl anomaly also a therapeutic indication is given II.

With some adults with cover bite even then still another successful therapy is possible, if the Diskus already reponiert after 1-2 mm. Compressed Kiefergelenke should be treated usually prothetisch. Here a bite increase indicated to compression reconciliation as well as accompanying Physiotherapie are.

With remarkable Kiefergelenkfunktionen and with all adults patients we let the findings of the manual function diagnostics examine by magnetresonanztomografische photographs = MRT (practice Dr. Sens, FFM). Only with the MRT can form and function of the Kiefergelenkes and situation Diskus accurately be determined. Pathological changes are seized thereby picture-giving.

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